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Is it for me?

Empowerment sessions aren't for specific women - they're for ALL women.


I don't look like any of the women you shoot. Are you sure it's for me?


The women I shoot are just normal ladies. Most are moms, some are celebrating a milestone, a new life, a special date, and some ladies just want a boost of self confidence. My shoots are perfect for every woman, every size, shape, age, color, etc… You are SOOO beautiful just the way you are and I want to prove it to you. I take so much pride in providing a way for you  to see the REAL YOU

I hear a lot of women say that they're not ready or they need to lose 10, 15, 20 or more lbs to feel confident enough to do this shoot. 


I'm here to tell you that no time is better than NOW. 


There's no telling what's around the corner and I promise that you'll never regret investing in yourself and this experience.  Many women say it's life altering for them.


This seems a bit expensive. Do you offer payment plans so I can invest in ME?


I offer various payment options, including split-pay, 12-month financing & PayPal Credit.

Ask me for more details.


I'm a bit intimidated being in front of the camera and I have no experience - will you help guide me?


Most of the ladies in front of my camera have no experience and nerves are completely normal!  I take special care to talk you through the whole process, so there are no surprises.  You get a guide sheet before you shoot to help with the preparation. Professional hair and make-up is included in every package and can be provided on-site or in-salon to be pampered.  Most clients find that the hair and makeup process helps to calm some of those pre-shoot jitters.

I also offer VIP packages that include a spa package (for a premium) if you decide you want to go all in.

You get personalized outfit and styling advice, helping you to decide what to bring, what to wear, or what to purchase to make sure you look and feel your best for your big day.

You'll be walked through posing (I'll even lead by example sometimes) and you'll always look your best for some kick@$$ photos. 

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